Ray Fritz
People interest me. From early psychology studies I became curious as to how the unconscious interacts with, and influences, everyday behaviour and activities. Through photography I try to bring these interactions and influences into view; if not explicitly, at least implicitly. The human mind, and therefore our behaviour, is largely driven by factors and forces we often can’t identify. Psychoanalysis and psychotherapy strive to understand these factors by bringing them into everyday consciousness. One way of doing this is to observe a person’s interactions with objects and symbols, however disconnected to their everyday experience that may be. The Rorschach Inkblot Test is an example of this. My images are observations of people interacting with items and environments which give some insight into their inner life. 
We can never fully understand our own mind, nor that of others. What we can see is always surrounded in shadow.  I try to shed a little bit of light into those shadows.