Photographic portraits are the window to a persons soul.

More of your hipster, bearded, black and white look going on here.

Jo is always a favourite to shoot. This is from some images for her agency's comp card.

Melbourne model Evelyn Ounsworth

Not all my portraits of of happy, smiling people. This is from a studio shoot with Rob. We wanted to capture a fighter's sense...

Playing with emotion and lighting in this studio shoot with Sarah. This image is one of my favourites.

Studio shoot with Rob

From a fitness shoot with Rebecca

A simple portrait of Melbourne actor Albert Goikhman.

Kritica is an Inidan model and aeronautics student living in Melbourne.

One of my absolute favourite shots. The purists would say the lighting here is technically all wrong but the result is amazing.

Going for that 'glowing skin' look with Rose.

Timmy's an Irish actor and model living in Melbourne. This is from of series of moody male portraits I shot.

Valentin is actually a photographer from Russia living in Melbourne, who does a bit of modelling as well. We were trying to extract...

Jaquillyn. One of my favourite portraits.